Mission & Philosophy

" Our duty is not merely to teach the student how to play
well, but also to make the student more intelligent, more
responsive, more diligent, and more conscious...."


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We help our students on their paths to achieve those human qualities which are impossible to attain without music. We help them understand and enjoy the beauty of musical literature and share it with their family and community.

We believe that love is the golden key in the learning process. Music is something that everybody is able to love. Our approach is to nurture this innate love so that it can flourish. To that end we put emphasis on the meaning of music. Using only meaningful and inspiring music in our lessons, we introduce students to something which is understandable and makes sense. Our philosophy is that teaching should be based on individual needs. We provide every single student with different pieces according to her/his character, age, taste and individual qualities.


"…During the one year, Oliver learned a lot from the teachers in your school,
especially his direct teacher - Maryna. Maryna is such a nice teacher and she helped Oliver not only made big progress on piano playing, but also on improving his interests and feelings to music! In addition, each time of the group performance, the annual recital and the top ten showing are great opportunities that helped Oliver a lot to build up his self-confidence and motivation. Oliver always saying that he loves his teachers, he loves Golden Key! As parents, we feel very happy that we made the best choice for our son! Thanks a lot for all the teachers who helped Oliver, you are wonderful!"

— Jennifer

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