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Our Music Class at Your Preschool

Golden Key Piano School has built a strong reputation over nine years and has received four consecutive Best of Berkeley in Music Lessons awards.
Our unique method and curriculum has proven excellent results over the last nine years.
Parents will love the idea of saving time and avoiding the hassle of bringing their child to music school after a day at work or on a weekend.
This class better prepares children to become musicians than a general music class because it focuses on the piano (the mother of instruments) and teaches the musical alphabet using games and stories.
To maintain the high quality of our classes we choose only ten preschools to work with. Your preschool can be one of them. Please contact us to check our availability.
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FAQ for Directors
How is your program different from other music classes that we have had or might currently have at our school?
We help students' imaginations grow by creating an atmosphere that lets them be creative, imaginative, thoughtful and curious.
We include the basic knowledge of the musical alphabet in our lesson plan in a fun and child-friendly way because knowing the basic theory gives the student a lot of freedom when he/she wants to start playing any instrument later on.
We focus on the piano and teach the names of the keys using colors, because piano is the mother of instruments and colors make learning fun.
Our curriculum and lesson plan has shown proven results over the last nine years.
Our program is a source of revenue for your school, not an expense.
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How does your program create income for our school?

We suggest that the schools charge each student about $65 per month (for 4 sessions), and we can have a maximum of 8 students per class. The difference between the tuition that you collect and the amount that you pay us is your school's income (for example: if you charge each student $65 per month and have a full class of 8 students, your school makes $260 per month for that class).
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How many students can be in your class?
  To let the teacher and the students make a more personal connection we keep our class size to a maximum of eight students.
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Can you teach more than one class?
  Yes. If you have more than 8 students registered in our program we can start the second class.
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What should we have in order to start the class?
  All you need in order to start the class is a corner of a room where the teacher and students can make a circle on the floor. Having a piano is NOT necessary for you to start the class.
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How much do you charge, and how do you charge?
  We charge $65 per session. Each session is 30 minutes long. We charge monthly by sending you an invoice based on the number of sessions that you had on that calendar month.
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How many months does the class go?
  We tailor our curriculum to match your school's calendar year and plans. So you are the one who decides how long the class will continue. Our suggestion for the students to get the most out of this class is a 9-month program.
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Do you have a curriculum or a book?
  Yes. Our curriculum has been used at Golden Key Piano School for 9 years, and has proven results. The book that we use in class is from the My First Piano Book series, which is available at our school as well as on
My First Piano Book Volume 1 My First Piano Book Volume 2 My First Piano Book Volume 3
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For more information or to schedule a meeting with our school’s director at your office, please call 510-710-0995.

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