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Program & Tuition

Private Piano Lessons
  Private lessons are for ages 5 to 95! Adults are very welcome. The musical education we provide in our lessons is a joy for any age or level and imparts the fundamentals for those who would choose music as their career.
Private Piano Lessons Tuition
Lessons are once a week
$300 per month. Duration of class 60 minutes
$400 per month. Duration of class 60 minutes (with Katrin Arefy - Head teacher)
We offer 45 minute private lessons for young beginners only.
The tuition is:
$270 per month
$360 per month (with Katrin Arefy - Head teacher)
Teaching Hours
Monday-Friday 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
  Fall enrollment now open. Only a few spaces available.
Contact us now for details.
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"I wanted to just let you know that Erika had an amazing time at school today. She loves her teacher very much. I am very pleased with how she is able to motivate Erika to play and want to learn. What an amazing experience. Erika always wanted to write her own music and play really well. I believe with Ketevan she will get to that place.

She spent 2. 5 hours today practicing so she is ready next Saturday. Ketevan is very good, motivating and knowledgable teacher."

Thank you,
— Sylvia
Group Preparatory Piano Lessons For Children 3 to 5 Years Old
These innovative group lessons are specially designed for younger students to prepare them for further private piano lessons. Children will be introduced to the piano, taught the keyboard and musical alphabet through imagery and fun games which capture their attention and foster their imagination. They will develop the essential understanding of the piano literature appropriate for early ages.

To sign up for the next class
please call 510. 665.5466.

Class size limited to a maximum of 5 students.
Check out the Frequently Asked Questions
for more info.

$790 for the 9 months

Upcoming Class
Monday February 4th 2019 at 1:30pm
Maximum 6 students in class.

To register, make your :
Reviewing Lessons
After 7 Months
Listening To The Piano - Making Stories
Sing Along
"My daughter has been with Golden Key Piano School since she was 3.5 years old. She started out in their group class then has continued with the weekly private lessons. It is hard to imagine children engaged with something as difficult as learning piano and remaining focused for an hour-long lesson. And yet, not only do the teachers at Golden Key manage to do that, they also make it fun and easy for children to learn music..."

— Tram

Customize Group Class Times With Your Child & 2 Friends
Start your own customized prep-group class!
If none of the above is a good time for you, find another two friends and you can schedule the classes around your own time. To arrange the class, talk to Katrin at (510) 710-0995.

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"I'm so proud of my little guy and so grateful to
Katrin for getting him started on a musical journey!!"

— Jenn

Transitional Class
Transitional classes are semi-private lessons for those students who graduate from the 9 month prep-piano class but are still too young to start one-hour private lessons.

Each class is 45 minutes long and includes a 15 minute private lesson for each student at the piano, and a 30 minute class with another fellow classmate of the same age. In the 15 minute individual lesson the student gets personal attention and works on beginning piano skills, and in the 30 minute shared lesson the student will learn the new musical alphabet and note reading, as well as work on listening skills with a classmate in a more fun and engaging way.

Transition classes last until the student is 5 years old and can start private lessons.

Tuition: $150 per month.

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Performance Day
  In order to have the feeling of working toward a goal, and also to practice performing, students have an opportunity to perform their pieces in a friendly atmosphere of a small group of students on the first Wednesday of each month. To let the students enjoy the experience of an informal performance we ask parents not to sit in the audience for these monthly performances.

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"we would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Arefi!
He is such a kind gentleman and always very friendly and very helpful!"

— Jennifer

We give all students an opportunity to perform their prepared pieces three times a year in a formal recital.

To see video’s and pictures of our previous Recitals, please click here.

Our Duet Recital, Annual Recital and Top Ten Students Recital will take place in the gorgeous hall of the Hillside Club with a beautiful Steinway piano.

Fee: TBA.

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Exams and Certificates

Our school provides three different test and certification options for the students.

  1. Our School’s Annual Test (Lesson)

    This test is required for all students at Golden Key and is optional for adult students. Only students who are doing the Royal Academy Exam or Certificate of Merit are exempt from our annual test.

    To make it less stressful for younger students we call it a short lesson, and that is exactly what the test will feel like.

    The test is based on our school’s curriculum and will take place during the month of May by appointment.

    The fee is $25 and it is approximately 15 minutes long.


  2. Royal Academy Test

    We recommend this exam to students age 8+.

    Parents are responsible to register their student online. The test needs at least 7 or 8 months of preparation, so parents should check with the teacher to know what level and date to apply for.

    Information about the exam can be found here:


  3. CM Test

    Some of our teachers, being members of MTAC, can prepare students who are interested in applying for a Certificate of Merit.

    The registration period for the certificate test is September 15th - November 15th. The registration fee varies, depending on the student’s level.

    Since the program requires teachers to handle the registration, paperwork and to help conduct the exam, there is an additional $180 fee.

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