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If you want to infuse your teaching with a rich tradition, and enjoy every moment of your lessons, join our mailing list to receive tips and techniques to elevate your skills on the road to a successful and joyful teaching career.

3 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up Now

1. If you want to be a very successful teacher who stands out in the crowd in the piano teaching industry, this is the school of piano for you to learn. These courses will help you understand the Russian methods deeply and in detail.
2. If you want your lessons to be not only a source of income but a fulfilling career, this is the school for you to study. In this method you will teach how to play the piano and pass on all the values that classical music as a cultural tool has to offer to the next generation.
3. If you are already an exceptional teacher who, like all great teachers, always looks for more literature for beginner students, and some refreshing ideas for your advanced students you are in the right place. With Russian Piano Pedagogy courses you can experience one of the best traditions of piano schools. This tradition comes from Professor Neuhaus and the crème de la crème of all Russian books for beginners by Anna Artobolevskaya.

We invite you now to take action to learn about one of the most sought after piano methods in the world. Join our community and start receiving tips and techniques free and with no obligation. Information about the courses will be shared with you soon.


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